What it really means to do time in the UK prison system

About us

About Us



In 2018, Bird was hatched to explore and educate on criminal justice issues in the UK. We provide a platform for those within the prison system to challenge stereotypes through talking about their lived reality.

Bird began originally as a podcast and has expanded to include social media and live events. We provide a positive message by focusing on what works and examples of successful reform. Bird provides viable solutions for change by shining a light on those who’ve previously had their dimmed.


The two chicks are longtime friends Kate Littler (a social worker with previous experience working in prisons) and Nina McNamara (a service designer and user experience researcher) who bring different skills to the project but share a passion for the topic. Each episode of Bird focuses on a different aspect of a complex issue in the criminal justice system; including knife crime, women in prison, mental health, substance misuse, UK street gangs, life sentences, and the real meaning of rehabilitation. 


Guests always include one or more people with lived experience of the criminal justice system, supplemented by perspectives from a range of relevant professionals, as well as statistical research and up-to-date domain knowledge. We highlight good practices, community resources, and avoid engaging in victimisation or blame. 

Our latest episode, about knife crime, was recorded from inside HMP Pentonville, where we spoke with a group of residents who believe their experiences, as both victims and perpetrators of knife crime, can help prevent other people from ending up in the same circumstances. They wanted to be seen as contributors to a solution instead of examples of a problem. 

Praise for bird

Bird has been featured in Grazia Magazine, BBC Sounds, The Guardian, and local press; Village Raw, The Islington Tribune, Camden New Journal and we have bold plans for the future. We believe that Bird has brought voices to our audience that they’ve never heard from before.

Ultimately, our goal at Bird is to use our podcast, social media channels and events to build understanding and generate support for a justice system founded on people’s capacity for growth and change. The journey so far has reinforced our belief in the power of collaboration: the strength and optimism of Bird’s amazing guests has never failed to put our daily frustrations in perspective and re-energise us to focus on what truly matters. We want to do the same for our listeners.